Athletic Code of Conduct


Mission Statement

The mission of the athletic program at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish is to assist parents in the development of their children: emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. The athletic program will promote academic achievement and strive to exemplify good sportsmanship in athletics. The athletic program will partner with the parents, priests, teachers, coaches, religious and adult leaders to encourage student athletes to have active participation in the Catholic Church, with their families, in athletics and society.

Faith ~ Family ~ Academics ~ Sports

When representing Our Lady of Sorrows in athletic competition, the general appearance, conduct and dress must be such as to bring credit to the athlete, the team and our parish. The privilege of being on an athletic team carries with it the responsibilities of setting a good example in all school activities and functions.

As an athlete it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the following rules and regulations.


Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in appropriate sanctions by the Coach, Athletic Director and/or Administration.


Students wishing to try out for any athletic team will be required to submit an up-to-date physical to the Athletic Department before the tryout. Only physical examinations given on or after April 15th of the new school year will be acceptable for that particular school year.  For example, a physical dated after 4/15/22 would suffice for the 2022-23 school year, but it would NOT suffice for the 2023-24 school year.  The physical must be completed and signed by a registered physician for validity.  In addition, physicals are only good for one year.”

Transfer students need to check with the Athletic Director regarding their status. This must be done prior to tryouts.

Each athlete is required to have paid a participation fee and properly completed participation forms, as directed by the Athletic Department.

All student-athletes must obey the rules and regulations of Our Lady of Sorrows. Any infraction of school rules and regulations will be dealt with by administration.

All student-athletes must follow team rules and regulations.

A student-athlete must be in school on days of practice and/or competition.
**Exception: school field trips, funerals, doctor/dentist appointments, special schedules. Advanced notice from the proper school authorities is required for all school-related exceptions. Written confirmation of appointments from medical services is due to the Attendance Office upon the student-athlete's return to school.**

In case of injury, the athlete must present a signed and dated doctor's note to the Athletic Director before being able to participate.

All athletes will be given special consideration on Monday nights (if an OLS parish member) or another night if scheduled to attend Religious Education classes. Attendance will be checked regularly. Failure to attend RE classes may result in suspension from a team.

If a student-athlete is receiving Religious Education at home, they must also be registered with the Religious Education office at Our Lady of Sorrows. They will be provided with approved teaching materials.

If the student-athlete is preparing for receipt of a sacrament (e.g., Confirmation in the eighth grade), they are required to attend the Religious Education classes at Our Lady of Sorrows during that year of study.

Any team ordering sweat suits, sweatshirts, t-shirts or other spirit wear, must have prior approval from the Athletic Director.

All athletes will address coaches properly. Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Coach will be used.

It is the responsibility of all student-athletes to participate in activity classes, such as gym on game days.

All athletes must change clothes in the locker room. Anyone caught changing in the hallways will be dealt with accordingly. Athletes are not permitted to have food or drinks in the locker rooms.

In order to participate in athletics at Our Lady of Sorrows, students must hold a G.P.A of 70% or higher and a single subject grade no lower than 65%. They must also have at least a "2" in Citizenship in all classes.


  • If an athlete has a G.P.A. below a 70% or lower than 65% in any class during the season, they will be placed on a two (2) week probation (the athlete can practice and play in games).
  • If there is improvement, the athlete will be removed from probation.
  • If there is no improvement, the athlete will be placed on a two (2) week suspension (no practice and no games).
  • If at any time the same athlete again has a G.P.A. below a 70% or lower than 65% in any class, they will immediately be placed on a two (2) week suspension.



  • If an athlete has a "3" in any class during the season, they will be placed on a two (2) week probation (the athlete can practice and play in games).
  • If there is improvement, the athlete will be removed from probation.
  • If there is no improvement, the athlete will be placed on a two (2) week suspension (no practice and no games).
  • If at any time the same athlete again has a "3" in any class, they will immediately be placed on a two (2) week suspension.


If an athlete has a behavioral problem in school or during any athletic event, the Athletic Department follows all violations and sanctions as set forth by the Administration of Our Lady of Sorrows. They apply to DRUGS AND ALCOHOL, THEFT, VANDALISM, RUDENESS AND INSUBORDINATION, HARASSMENT AND BULLYING, INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE, FIGHTING/PHYSICAL CONTACT, PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS and HAZING.

Special Note:

The Athletic Department will be monitoring all student-athletes throughout the year in conjunction with the participating School Administrations.

All coaches are to encourage multi-sport or activity participation. However, it is a C.Y.O. rule that an athlete cannot compete in the same sport during the C.Y.O. season of that sport. The exception to this rule is during the baseball and softball season, as to not lock an athlete out of any summer program. It is paramount that the Our Lady of Sorrows team must take precedence over the other team in all aspects.

If an athlete expresses an interest in participating in a second sport during an Our Lady of Sorrows season, he/she must get permission from the coach and the Athletic Director prior to competing. Parents of the athlete must also give their consent and acknowledge the participation requirements of each team.

Athletes are strongly encouraged to participate in all different interscholastic clubs, activities, sports, and groups. No student should be restricted to participation in only one extracurricular activity.

The student-athlete must practice and play fairly, giving complete effort in all circumstances and credit in victory to teammates and to opponents in defeat.

The student-athlete must accept favorable and unfavorable decisions, as well as victory and defeat with equal grace and humility.

The student-athlete will demonstrate respect for opponents and officials before, during and after contests.

The student-athlete will not question officials' calls or use inappropriate language.

The student-athlete will follow a dress code for all home and away games as established by the coach. This code does not permit jeans, t-shirts or anything inappropriate. Team sweats are acceptable, if  approved by their Coach.


When a student-athlete is dismissed early for competition, it is their responsibility to see their teacher and get any assignments or make up work.

IF TRANSPORTATION IS PROVIDED, all student-athletes must ride the provided transportation to away games.

WHEN TRANSPORTATION IS PROVIDED, deviation from this rule can only occur if parents write a note, in advance of the contest, to the associate principal requesting special permission for other means of transportation. The request signed by administration must be turned in to the athletic department 24 hours before the scheduled event.

At away games and practices away from Our Lady of Sorrows, it is the responsibility of all athletes to clean up the bench area, locker room, etc.

After home games and practices, it is the responsibility of all athletes to leave the hallways, gym and locker rooms clean.

If there are issues that the student-athlete and/or parents would like to address, please follow the Chain of Command.

The Chain of Command is as follows:
  1. Player communicates with Coach.
  2. If not resolved, Parents should communicate with Coach, then Sport Coordinator if needed.
  3. If still unresolved, Parents and/or Athlete should contact Athletic Director.

All student-athletes are urged to report any touching, coercion, language or suggestive behavior that they feel is inappropriate.

In the event that someone or something makes them uncomfortable or they are aware of something similar happening to another athlete, please alert the coach, sport coordinator, athletic director, parent or another adult not involved with the incident.

If a coach wishes to touch a student-athlete while demonstrating an athletic technique, the coach must first ask your permission and you have the right to refuse without jeopardizing your team position.

Our Lady of Sorrows' parish sports programs are played under the administration of the Catholic Youth Organization. All coaches, parents and children must abide by the CYO rules. They can be found at

Upon completion of season, the student-athlete will return all uniforms, CLEANED, to their coach.

If a uniform is lost or damaged, the athlete will be required to reimburse the Athletic Committee for replacement costs.  Other action may be taken such as withholding of report cards or diplomas.