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Our Lady of Sorrows podcasts


Our Lady of Sorrows is excited to offer two great podcasts. Each podcast features our priests, winsome stories, spiritual insights, and various ways to deepen your faith life. Check it out for yourself.



In each episode, the Very Reverend Canon Walter J. Ptak will share winsome stories and insights about his Polish Catholic heritage, priesthood, and his many encounters with Saint John Paul II (The Great)!


Seek What's Above
Seek What’s Above, is a new Podcast from Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church. Fr. Peterman and Tori Polhill are excited to share and discuss our amazing Catholic faith! We will dive into the weird, cool, obscure, and abstract topics of our faith! We hope to share what we love about our faith and have meaningful and thoughtful conversations about the Church and Her mysteries. So join us as we take a break from the business of this world and “Seek What’s Above”.