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Parish Council


Mission Statement

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the Pastor and the coordinating and unifying structure of the Parish community. The Parish Pastoral Council assists the Parish to carry out its mission of discipleship and stewardship.


The Parish Pastoral Council normally meets on the 4th Monday of the month, September through June.  The Council consists of various representatives and the Chairpersons of each Commission, who are selected each year.  Any registered parish member eighteen years or older is eligible.

Parish Council Membership

Very Rev. Canon Walter J. Ptak - Pastor

Mr. Terry Hirsch - Chairperson
Members at Large
  • Mrs. Debbie Milton
  • Mrs. Jill Morketter
  • Mr. Joe Sparks
  • Ms. Alice Rockwell
VPC Representatives - Carmen Maffezzoli 

Parish Commissions