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Wedding Mass Planning Resources

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Who can be married at Our Lady of Sorrows?

Any Roman Catholic party can arrange to celebrate his/her wedding in our church if he/she is:
  • of age; free to marry;
  • a registered member of Our Lady of Sorrows; seeking to marry a person who is also of age and free to marry.
Wedding arrangements need to be made at least six months prior to the desired date.

Parties recently registered in the Parish, those who do not live within Our Lady of Sorrows Parish boundaries, or those who do not belong to a family already registered in the Parish need to be aware that we cannot schedule a wedding date until six months after the time of registration. The normal six month preparation period would apply from that point, (e.g. registration in January of 2006 would mean that the six month preparation period would begin sometime in June of 2006.)

Must both parties be Catholic?

No. Although the Catholic Church, like most churches, has a strong preference for marriages between members of the Catholic faith, Roman Catholics are free to marry persons of any faith or of no particular faith, as long as both parties are free to marry (i.e. there is no existing bond from a prior marriage), and are of suitable age. If a bond from a prior marriage(s) exists, whether the person involved is Roma Catholic or not, the party previously married must obtain a declaration of nullity from the Catholic Church before a wedding date can be scheduled.

Can a wedding be scheduled in less than six months?

It is the policy of the Catholic Churches throughout Michigan that there is a period of at least six months between the scheduling of a wedding date and the date of the wedding. At the discretion of the pastor, however, a longer period may be required.

The priest/deacon, after careful pastoral judgement, has the authority to shorten this period slightly when a sufficient reason exists. It is important to stress however, that the normal policy is usually followed and that exceptions to this policy are rare. When a rare situation arises, the priest/deacon has the responsibility to assure that the necessary preparation take place prior to the wedding.

Where can weddings be celebrated?

Weddings at Our Lady of Sorrows are celebrated in the Church. At times, when scheduling permits, clergy from Our Lady of Sorrows might participate in weddings in another church.

Clergy assigned to Our Lady of Sorrows cannot make commitments to perform weddings for parishioners in other churches, or approved diocesan chapels, until six months prior to the marriage, and when it can be determined that they do not have a parochial responsibility at Our Lady of Sorrows.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact one of the priests at (248) 474-5720.