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First Reconciliation & First Eucharist

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First Reconciliation and First Eucharist


The preparation for any Sacrament is the responsibility of the Parish Religious Education office and not the responsibility of the School.  Therefore, our school religion and After-school program curriculum is based on the theology and teachings of the Church and the Sacrament preparation is communicated through the the classroom but requires separate preparation.




The Baptism Question

Where was your child baptized?

Your child's placement in our sacramental preparation program depends on this answer?


If not baptized in the Roman Catholic church, please visit the religious education website at olsorrows.com  to determine if your child is eligible to receive the sacraments at Our Lady of Sorrows. 



Now What?

Q: What do I need tor do if my child was not Baptized in the Roman Catholic Church and I would like them to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist?


A: Each situation is different and requires permission from the church of ascription.  


Children baptized Protestant would be required to make a profession of faith to enter into the Catholic Church.  This decision should be prayed upon and a conversation with the pastor or DRE is required before preparation can begin.


Check here to see if the Baptism is recognized by the Catholic Church


AoD Policy for CHALDEAN CATHLOLICS-  Revised 10/2017

                The Chaldean Eparchy responsible for Chaldean Catholics in Michigan no longer requires permission of the Chaldean pastor to admit Chaldean children to Catechetical formation or for the reception of the Sacraments of Penance and first Holy Communion.


            Bishop Kalabat has given general, standing permission for those occasions when the parents of Chaldean Catholic children ask to have their children prepared for Penance and first Holy Communion in a Latin parish.  Bishop Kalabat only asks that the Chaldean pastor be informed after the children have received these sacraments.


Policy for Eastern Catholics - AoD revised 10/2017

There are a number of Eastern Catholic children in our parish schools and religious education programs.  These children are under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of the Eastern Catholic Church to which they belong. 


If the parents request that these Eastern Catholic children be part of the process of preparation for Penance and First Holy Communion with their peers in the parish school or religious education program, the parents are to be directed to first request permission from the pastor of the Eastern Catholic Church.  This permission should be in writing.  Many of these Eastern Catholic children had previously received Holy Communion at infant Baptism, which is another reason to check with the Eastern Catholic pastor.


            These Eastern Catholic families will need to be informed that the reception of Holy Communion for the first time from a Latin priest does not constitute a change of ascription from their Eastern Church to the Latin Church (i.e., that they remain Eastern Catholics).  The children will still be members of that particular Eastern Catholic Church. 


The parish where an Eastern Catholic child was baptized should as a courtesy be notified of the fact of reception of first Holy Communion in the Latin Church.


After the reception of Penance and Holy Communion,Eastern Catholics can regularly receive these Sacraments, as well as Anointing of the Sick, from a Latin priest per canon 844.



You will need to request and obtain permission in writing.  


Click Below for a copy of the letter and return a signed copy to the religious education office no later than January 15. This letter must be signed by the pastor or bishop of the Eastern Rite church where the child was baptized.