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First Reconciliation & First Eucharist Information

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Monday, October 1
                                School Cafeteria


Will your child be preparing to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist for the first time this year?  

Many of our students are signed up, but we know there are more out there. 
If you have already completed the online form to let us know your child is participating, please do NOT do it again.  If you have not, please contact the Religious Education office at 248-474-6480 or email reled@olsorrows.com

Those who attend the meeting will also be able to sign up for their First Eucharist date.  First Eucharist dates are Sunday, May 5 & 19 at 1:00pm and
Saturday, May 11 at 6:00pm.  If you have any questions, please contact the Religious Education Office at 248-474-6480.



First Reconciliation and First Eucharist


The preparation for any Sacrament is the responsibility of the Parish Religious Education office and not the responsibility of the School.  Therefore, our school religion and After-school program curriculum is based on the theology and teachings of the Church and the Sacrament preparation is communicated through the classroom but requires separate online preparation using Dynamic Catholic’s “Blessed” Program that will be emailed directly to you.  Please be sure to notify the Religious Office if your child will be preparing for these Sacraments.


If your child is NOT baptized or older than grade two and has not received the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist and it is their desire, please contact the Religious Education office.  Preparation classes are offered during your child’s lunch period one day per week for about 12 weeks.  Once the child is adequately prepared, the Sacrament is scheduled.



The Baptism Question

Where was your child baptized?

Your child's placement in our sacramental preparation program depends on this answer?


If not baptized in the Roman Catholic church, please visit the religious education website at olsorrows.com  to determine if your child is eligible to receive the sacraments at Our Lady of Sorrows. 



Now What?

Q: What do I need tor do if my child was not baptized in the Roman Catholic or Chaldean Catholic Church and I would like them to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist?


A: Each situation is different and requires permission from the church of ascription.  This permission can be granted by the pastor, but in most cases the decision is made by the Bishop.  


You will need to request and obtain permission in writing.  
Print and complete the form on the website and return a signed copy of the letter to the religious education office no later than January 15. This letter must be signed by the pastor or bishop of the non-Roman or non-Chaldean church where the child was baptized.


Children baptized Protestant would be required to make a profession of faith to enter into the Catholic Church.  This decision should be prayed upon and a conversation with the pastor or DREL is required before preparation can begin.

I have called you each by name.


At baptism, your child was welcomed into the Church and became a sharer in Christ’s threefold ministry as priest, prophet and king.

This year his or her journey of faith continues with the reception of Holy Eucharist and will later culminate with Confirmation. These three Sacraments are known as the Sacraments of Initiation and make us full members of the Catholic Church.

Since the faith is passed on in the family and is supported by the parish, the time you spend with your child in prayer, study, and discussion will root your child ever more firmly in his or her relationship with Jesus and will be invaluable throughout his or her journey of faith.


Baptismal Certificate Verification
Baptism is the first sacrament received and therefore must be verified by the Religious Education (RE) office to properly proceed with and record the reception of subsequent sacraments.

Students who have a copy of their Baptismal Certificate in their school file do not need to submit another copy. We will secure a copy from those files. If we do not have a copy, you will be notified at the Rite of Enrollment and a copy should be provided shortly thereafter.

Students over the age of seven who are in need of the Sacrament of Baptism will need to be enrolled in a special Rite of Initiation program for children. Please notify the RE office immediately if your child has not been baptized.


Rite of Enrollment
Students preparing to enter in to the Sacrament preparation process to receive First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion will attend a meeting October 1 6:00pm in the Cafeteria. Children will receive some very important information and sign the book of enrollment making their commitment to God to faithfully prepare themselves to receive the Sacraments in the spring.


Curriculum - 
View a Sample of the Material on the Religious Education website at olsorrows.com
Because the faith is passed on in the home, parents are provided with sacramental preparation resources to assist them in their efforts to form their children in the practices of the faith. We will be using the "Blessed" preparation program.  This is an online, rich in the faith, animated learning tool.  The benefit of the online tool is that you are able to access the materials anywhere, anytime, on any device giving you the freedom to have a faith connection with your child when convenient for your family.

Cognitive retention in children of this age is directly linked to emotional connection. And nothing connects with children on a significant emotional level quite like animation.  This program is designed to bring the faith to life and will set our children on a path for a lifelong experience of Catholicism.

Lesson plans will be e-mailed home on Wednesday of each week. They will no longer be printed in the Parish Bulletin.  Unit assessments and reflections will be completed online through google classroom.  A username and password will be provided at the Rite of Enrollment.


Letter to Jesus
The children are asked to write a “Letter to Jesus” reflecting why they desire to receive the sacrament of First Communion and what they intend on doing in preparation to receive Jesus. These letters are a requirement and will be presented at the 9:30 am Mass according to the calendar. A copy will distributed at the Rite of Enrollment and additional copies can be printed on the Religious Education Website.


Dinner with Fr. Mark
One or both parents are asked to attend the dinner meeting with Fr. Mark highlighting First Eucharist. Please view the Religious Education Calendar on the website for the date and time.
This dinner is for PARENTS ONLY. An RSVP will be sent out in February, but please mark the date.


Two Workshops
Our Lady of Sorrows holds a workshop for children preparing for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Please see the religious education calendar for the dates and times. Parents are welcome to attend the workshops if available.


Reception of the Sacraments
Please see the Religious Education calendar on the website for the date and time of First Reconciliation.


Complete details will be emailed within two weeks of the Sacrament.