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2020-2021 Health Questionnaire Form


Spring Sports Registration is now open for grades 4-8.  



Important Basketball Information for Winter, 2020

Due to some scheduling conflicts, we will be holding try-outs for all basketball teams on November 4th – 7th.  These are the only try-outs.  Practices will not officially begin until the 16th, per CYO rules. Please note the following important points regarding try-outs:


  1. Athletes can only try-out for the team that matches his/her grade level.
  2. All athletes MUST have a valid 2020 physical on file BEFORE THEY CAN EVEN TRY OUT.  No student will be allowed on the court without a physical dated after 4/15/20.  (If your child is playing a current fall sport here at OLS, I already have their physical on file.)
  3. Basketball try-outs are for 4th through 8th graders only
  4. The number of teams we maintain will be dictated by the number of players trying out for each grade level.
  5. Try-outs will only occur during these days.  If your child is not present, they will not be placed on a team.
  6. All paperwork and payments must be in before the athlete tries out.  If you are uncertain about your child making a team, it is best to pay by check or cash, so it can easily be returned to you, if needed.  The basketball fee is $200.  Checks are made out to “OLS Athletics”.  Receipts can be given for cash payments, too.
  7. Your child will be registered the first night of their try-out.  Plan on arriving early for registration purposes.
  8. Anyone who has registered online for winter sports will receive an email containing the required paperwork.
  9. If you have not registered for winter sports, you will have all the paperwork to complete at registration, prior to the try-out.  It is best to register your son/daughter online, so you have everything in advance and the check-in process runs smoothly.  The registration link is on the OLS website and in the church bulletin.
  10. Only athletes will be allowed into the gym for try-outs / practices.  Once the athlete is checked in, the lobby must be cleared.
  11. Masks are required per MHSAA and CYO regulations.  All players must have extra masks readily available.
  12. Your child must have their own water bottle for try-outs / practices.  No sharing of water is allowed.
  13. Numbered scrimmage vests will be utilized for try-outs, but they will be laundered each night.

 Try-Out Schedule for November 4th – 7th


4th Grade Boys – Wednesday (4th) and Friday (6th) from 4-5 pm  (Saturday, if needed.)

4th Grade Girls – Thursday (5th) from 4-5 pm (Saturday, if needed.)

JV Girls – Wednesday (4th) and Friday (6th) from 5-6:30 pm

JV Boys – Wednesday (4th), Thursday (5th), and Friday (6th) from 6:30 – 8 pm

Varsity Girls – Thursday (5th)  from 5 – 6:30 pm AND Friday (6th) from 8-9:30

Varsity Boys – Wednesday (4th) and Thursday (5th) from 8-9:30 pm


Welcome to Our Lady of Sorrows Athletics!

Parents and Players,
Your coaches will be contacting you soon to let you know your practice schedule.
Parent Involvement. As parents of program participants, we all have to do our share of volunteering to make our athletic program run efficiently. Of equal importance, everyone's participation results in successful events for the enjoyment of our families and visitors from other parishes. Volunteering includes helping at concessions, collecting admissions, gym and field setup, cleanup, etc.
Participation in O.L.S. C.Y.O. Sports. If your child is playing or trying out for a sport, please take time to read carefully the "OLS Sports Athletic Code of Conduct" page, accessed from the menu on the left side of this page.  There is essential information in this document for all participants in the C.Y.O. programs.
Volunteering. A volunteer working with children and/or youth must comply with the guidelines set forth by the Archdiocese of Detroit.  This includes: 1. submission to a background check, and 2. certification in "Protecting God's Children"(for college students and adults) or "Called To Serve" (for high school students). Before a high school students gets credit for service hours, these guidelines must be met. Please go to the "Coaches' Corner" web page for the information you need.
Coaching. Good coaching is the essential element to the goal of C.Y.O. athletics: the healthy development of our youth-emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. Children that enjoy athletic competition and savor participation with a team of their peers, look up to good coaches as role models. Thank you to all that take on this vital role on our community.
And thank you to the spouses of these coaches.  Anytime a coach takes on such a magnanimous commitment to our youth, as coaching is, their spouse has to pick up the slack at home.  We appreciate very much the sacrifice that you make for us.
The attached "Being Present," below, captures the essence of the significance of coaching.  Although the article's subject is a priest, the idea that the critical element to a child's attention is commitment and sincere interest applies to coaching as well.
We are always searching for coaches for upcoming seasons. If you think you would be a good coach, please call me so that we can meet and discuss this rewarding and valuable role.  I would look forward to that very much.
Thank you.
Go Saints!!