Ministry to the Homebound

Bringing Holy Communion to the Homebound

We are very grateful for all of you who take special care to be sure that the ill and homebound members of your family receive the Holy Eucharist on a regular basis.  This assists us priests in making sure that all of our parishioners have access to the grace of the sacraments.  For the sick, the reception of Holy Communion is not only a privilege, but also a sign of support and concern shown by the Christian community for its members who are ill.  As you know, we Catholics believe that Jesus Christ is truly present—body, blood, soul and divinity—in the Holy Eucharist.  Because of this most important reality of our faith, great care and concern is needed for its protection and respect.  Part of this care is being sure that the priests know who is bringing the Eucharist to whom each day/week.  To that end, we are asking that you let us know this information by simply filling out the log on the wooden table along the wall near the baptismal font each time you serve in this capacity.

A few other reminders:

  • The Holy Eucharist should be immediately brought to the homebound person. No other stops should be made along the way and the Holy Eucharist should never be kept
  • The only acceptable container for carrying the Holy Eucharist is a metal pyx. The Holy Eucharist should never be carried away in a tissue, medicine box, etc.  Simply approach the Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and indicate the number of hosts that are needed.  If more than 2 are needed, you must see a priest after Mass.
  • Each week, a helpful aid is prepared by the parish with scripture readings and other prayers to be used to lead the homebound person in a time of reflection before receiving the Holy Eucharist. These can be found in the ministry room.

If you would like to join this ministry, please contact the Parish Office: 248-474-5720.