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Welcome to the Office of Family Discipleship.


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The Holy Family has served as the model for a Christian family.  Like most families, they lived ordinary and unremarkable lives.  It was in this simple home, however, that Jesus, our Savior, grew into the man who would save the world.
The Holy Family teaches us that we can grow in holiness by living simple and humble lives with our families.  Whether we are parents or children, we grow in age, wisdom, and grace through the joys and trials of our everyday lives.  Each family, no matter how imperfect, is a temple where we can find Jesus present and a school where we can learn the ways of God.
The following excerpt from “If I Were Raising Children” by Bishop Kenneth Untener offers some wonderful ways we can help our children grow in holiness.
“If I were raising children, there is one thing I know I would do.  I would make sure that my children felt, experienced, and were tuned in to the presence of God all around them, for it is God who brings about the greatness I would want for my children.
In my home, there would be good religious symbols.  We would thank God together before our meals.  That’s the kind of air I would want them to breathe.
I’d make sure that my children learned how to pray, not just grace before meals, but I’d want them to know our rich traditions of prayer.  I’d want them to know how to pray just as much as I’d want them to know how to walk and how to read.
I’d want to make sure they had a good family life, including the family life of a parish where they would connect with other people who believe... ordinary people who believe and try to live these extraordinary truths.
I’d want to make sure they learned the Word of God.  Jesus told a parable where the seed sown was the Word, and it produced one hundredfold. Then there was the time the woman in the crowd called out to Jesus, “Blest is the womb that bore you and the breasts that nursed you.” And he said, “Rather, blest are those who hear the Word of God and keep it.”
Finally, I’d want to make sure that they gathered around the holy table at Mass.  It is here on the altar where they place the little pieces of their life, symbolized by the bread and wine, and entrust them to God who gives them meaning and greatness.  And it is here where they are fed with the Bread of Life.”
Now more than ever, we should turn to that model of simple faith and humility, the Holy Family, and ask for their prayers so that our homes will become schools of love and faith.
Our staff and catechists are praying and working diligently to provide you and your family with ongoing faith formation. We will continue to offer faith formation classes Monday evenings from 5:45pm-7:15pm beginning September 13, 2021.  Our classrooms will be sanitized before and after every class.  We are following all of the guidelines that the Archdiocese of Detroit has posted for Catholic Schools to ensure a safe environment.
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