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Dear Young People:
Thank you for coming to visit the Our Lady of Sorrows Youth Disciples webpage!  We can hardly wait to meet you.  Pick an event below and come on out, or contact me for more details.  I’m here to work for you (and Jesus!)  You could start by clicking on the orange button below to tell me about what you are looking for from your parish, or just scroll down to find what you came for!
Prayerfully yours,
Students grades 6th-12th, please click the button above to give us ideas and information that we will use, as we plan next year's events FOR YOU!  Thanks for taking 10 minutes or so to do this.  Your opinion matters!


Youth Disciple Activities for YOU!
Leadership Team:  Please consider applying to be part of one of our teen leadership groups!  We will be shaking things up a little for next year possibly adding in a Service Club Liaison. I am looking for a few new voices to help make 2022-23 the best year for OLS YD!  Click the blue button below to get started.

Teens: got questions about the Bible?  Ever wonder why a Catholic Bible is different from the others?  Wonder whether what you read is fact or myth?  How do we know wrote the Bible anyway, or what to believe about it? 


Bring a friend or come and make a friend at our Venture Bible Study, Session One:  Overview of the Bible! September 11, 6:15pm-8:00pm.  We’ll give you some history and give you time to talk with your peers, then you decide whether the Bible is important in your life now, or not!  All teens are welcome, and we’ll share pizza:  let us know how much to get by registering Register HERE!


Click and scroll down to see Video - More INFO !  We’ll continue the rest of the series, according to your preference September 24th - September 28th, with session 2.  The rest of the schedule will be as follows:
10/2/2022 6:15 PM 8:15 PM Open Meeting:  Venture 3
11/6/2022 6:15 PM 8:15 PM
Open Meeting:  Venture 4
12/4/2022 6:15 PM 8:15 PM
Open Meeting:  Venture 5
1/8/2023 6:15 PM 8:15 PM
Open Meeting:  Venture 6
1/21/2023 1/28/22 Your preferred time Venture 7 (Gathered or in small group)
3/5/2023 6:15 PM 8:00 PM Open Meeting:  Venture 8 - Conclusion

Also, new spots are open in the Leadership Council-especially for the new High School Freshman class!  If you are passionate about sharing your faith and want to serve your fellow teens, please send me an email to let me know!  Imagine how great it would look on your College applications to have a four-year leadership position, and an amazing letter of recommendation from me!  Fill out this form to apply APPLY

Another great place to get started is by filling out the teen registration button below. This will ensure you and your student hear about all of our activities via email.