Middle School Ministry

BLAZE is coming to Our Lady of Sorrows for the 2022-2023 school year! BLAZE is the Walking with Purpose ministry for tween/teen girls in 6th-8th grade. The mission of BLAZE is to use Scripture to speak truth into the hearts of young girls who are bombarded by lies about their true worth and beauty.

6 Blaze Impact from Walking With Purpose on Vimeo.

The first of nine monthly sessions will start in September.   Each session, participants will be led through an activity and 1-2 short lessons based on a lie found in the world and a truth found in Scripture. The girls will also leave with a small take-home gift which corresponds with the lesson, and meet via zoom at the end of each month for additional time socializing and another short lesson. 
The cost of registration will be $50 per girl (to pay for the gift-kit).  Please ask for financial assistance if cost is prohibiting your interest or involvement in this initiative. Girls in their tween/teen years are filled with questions. They have doubts, they desire clarification, and they want to share their thoughts in a space that will allow them to make their relationship with God personal and meaningful. Sign up your daughter for BLAZE!
You can also learn more about the BLAZE ministry at walkingwithpurpose.com/blaze
Middle School Boys' News
All Middle School boys (current 6th-8th graders) are invited to join two of our OLS Knights of Columbus in a pilot program for their new apostolate:  Exercitus Mariae!  Meaning, “the Army of Mary,” this ministry is created to counteract the way our society drives boys to question their individual value and role in society. Dan Wolocko (parishioner, physical therapist and father of seven) and Kyle Redding (parishioner, former US Army) will be leading the program to help boys develop healthy bodies, minds, and souls.
Parents, please plan on joining your son for the first session of this program, June 4th 9:00am-10:30am in the OLS gym, to see for yourselves the passion of the leaders and get all of your questions answered regarding the topics and format of this program.  There will be 4 summer sessions before we launch the fall program.  There will be a registration required, but drop-ins are allowed at any session, so long as the required forms are filled out before the start.