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Jr. High Youth Ministry


Questions? Call Our Lady of Sorrows’ Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Marilyn Trumper-Samra @ 248 536-1235


IMPORTANT INFO: We are not a group where you have to sign up and officially join – you can come at any time, or every time - we just ask that you  honor the honor any RSVP and paperwork deadlines - and remember that you are always welcome to bring a friend and they don’t have to be Catholic!  You may find it easier to fill out and hand-in paperwork if the FIRST time you do it, you copy the Media Form and Medical Form, and submit copies for future events rather than filling out all those forms again. J


DELAYED: Wednesday, Sept. 3 – DEADLINE to register for next summer’s Catholic Heart Work Camp Domestic, At-Home or International! Get your $100 deposit in to MTS by today! Make it out to Our Lady of Sorrows and on the memo line write CHWC Deposit.

 Puppet Ministry open to ALL Sorrows’ Parish 7th and 8th-graders!


First Puppet Meeting of the Year: Wednesday, Sept.9, 2020 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Meet in the school lobby by the statue of the Blessed Mother. Pickup will be in the Family Center. Marilyn’s GREAT food will be served!  Bring what you know of your fall schedule! This is the day we pick what day we will practice, based on everyone’s schedule (some of you will not be able to participate because of the day that is picked), we choose our scripts and decide who wants to be a puppeteer, do props, or both! And one person is the sound master! We practice from September thru half of December, then God willing this year will take our show on the road from January thru early March, ending with a party! SERVICE HOURS!  RSVP to Marilyn Trumper-Samra, Coordinator of Youth Ministry, at 248 536-1235 so she knows who to look for and how to best plan.


Sunday, Sept. 12-13 - Celebration on our Parish Feast Day – the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Keep an eye on the parish website and bulletin for all the particulars not available at this printing.
Saturday, Set. 19 - School Carnival Fund-raiser –Times to be announced. Looking for jr. high and high school volunteers to help in shifts with my glow-in-the-dark carnival game! Service hours! Call 248 536-1235 to sign up!

Sunday, Sept. 27, 7-9 p.m. – 7th-8th-graders in Jr. High and High Schoolers meet in the Parish Office’s Kitchen to Make Watermelon “Pupsicles” to Serve at Next Sunday’s Annual Pet Blessing! Delicious! Made out of real watermelon! Genesis 1:25 “…God made every kind of wild animal, every kind of tame animal…” Why? Did God have a reason and purpose for creating animals? How do we know? How have animals cooperated with God in Salvation History? What do you think a pet owner thinks about the Catholic faith and its people when their animal is blessed and feted by us? What do you think God thinks? Service hours for those who need them. ?s: Call 248 536-1235! Invite family, friends and neighbors to bring their pet and come to the Oct.4 Pet Blessing at 3 p.m. on the Rectory Lawn! GROW WITNESS Bring a mask.

“…we are called to a renewed effort that is ‘new in its ardor, methods and expressions.” Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron’s “Unleash the Gospel.” page 5

“Help us to think in new ways.” - Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron’s “Unleash the Gospel.” Page 22
“…Inviting people both fellow parishioners and outsiders, to join in the activities of the Church.” “Unleash the Gospel”, p. 22

Sunday, Oct. 4, 3 p.m., Annual Blessing of the Pets outside the Rectory on the front lawn! Jr. High and High School Ministries meet at 2:15 p.m. outside the Youth Room to get together bowls of ice water, watermelon “pupsicles,”catnip and collar lights with custom dog tags. Collar lights to the first 65 dogs! Service Hours for those who need them! You must let Marilyn know you are coming, by Sept. 27 so I know whom to look for and for whom I will be responsible. THANKS! 248 536-1235! Pet Blessing takes place rain or shine! Dress for the weather! ENCOUNTER GROW WITNESS Bring a mask.