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Young Adult Ministry

Dear Young People! (as Pope Francis would say to you),
Thank you for visiting the Our Lady of Sorrows webpage devoted to you, ages 18-35!  You are in a beautiful, exciting time of life, where the doors of possibility stand open the widest.  You have maturity, wisdom, and independence!  You can finally design your life just the way you want to-or you can design your life just the way God wants you to!  All are called, but few truly choose Christ!  We want to support you and welcome you, and have you share your vitality and gifts with our parish.  This webpage is a first point of connection to build that bridge between you, your parish, and your future. 
Please begin by completing this FORM, which will help us communicate with you and give you a chance to share your desires with your parish.  You are, as an adult, welcome to join in any parish activity-either as a participate (for adult events) or as a volunteer (with appropriate background clearances).  We hope you will do both!  This is where we start to get to know you and help you find like-minded new friends.  On the webpage below, you will find just a selection of all the OLS offers you.
These items are specifically geared toward your age/stage in life as a young adult.  For instance, did you know that World Youth Day is primarily intended for you, not High School Students?  Across the world, most attendees of WYD are young people over 18!  So, I would LOVE to take several of you to Lisbon, Portugal in August 2023.  Please contact me directly to inquire, as we need to make decisions as a group for this pilgrimage starting as early as June 2022!
Prayerfully yours,
Heather Soderquist
World Youth Day